Bon Chill Glamping

Play Golf, Stay at Bon Chill

“Bon Chill” is an all-new glamping experience brand under the Cosmos Hotels & Resorts Group. The name was inspired by wild and cute squirrels in the area, and is derived from the Taiwanese pronunciation for squirrels, “phòng-tshí”. As the site is located next to the Taoyuan Golf Course, the two attractions have been combined to form the theme “Play Golf, Stay at Bon Chill”. Combined with the most trendy glamping luxury campervan experience, we welcome guests to experience natural ecology, blue skies and lush greenery on our grounds, and provide comfortable rest and dining through all-inclusive services, exclusive squirrel smart butler services, stunning poolside bar and an outdoor movie theater under the starry skies. An outdoor kid’s playground and a golf experience is also available. Come stay at Bon Voyage, where we create endless imaginations of luxury camping and memorable vacations.

If you’re longing for splendid starry nights and a fantastic glamping experience, look no further! Bon Chill has created an ultimate luxury glamping RV experience. The interior includes a separate bathroom space, comfortable beds, smart appliances and exclusive southern pine pallet outdoor, decorated with a lively design and natural features, and a warm and simple ambience conveyed by the reassuring wooden tones. Through the overlapping of natural light and shadows, a relaxing resort atmosphere is created for the perfect combination of luxury and glamping. This eliminates the need for complex preparations to set up a tent. Simply bring your luggage and instantly enjoy a luxurious glamping experience. So why not escape the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy a leisurely vacation surrounded by the greenery of the mountains, satisfying your desire for a home away from home out in crisp nature.


The fat cheeks are filled with the list of various kinds of food, and the long fluffy tail will hide itself in various parts of the campsite. The lively, enthusiastic and mischievous little cutie always appears at the most unexpected of times, and also symbolizes the attentive service of our staff who try their best to satisfy all your needs, making you feel the warm atmosphere of being at home during your trip.

Bon Chill has combined its hotel and golf course resources to create a luxury resort and leisure experience, offering a richer and more diverse range of facilities, including a three golf courses with 27 holes, VR golf experience, mini golf, Pétanque, and fun putting experience. We also offer a racing playground and children’s supercar club area, for the ultimate thrill of the ride. The outdoor amusement park is equipped with facilities such as a leisure pool, a fantasy Carousel, a Ferris wheel and Teacups, etc. The Outdoor Cinema, which is available at night, offers a quiet venue to watch selected movies and immerse yourself in a storytelling atmosphere, satisfying the needs of different groups on vacation.