Bon-cloud Caravan

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Sleek lines with earthy colored objects and furniture create a low-key and warm texture, and the luxurious bathtub provides a unique experience in camping. Lie lazily on the comfortable bed and bathe in warm sunlight. A cup of coffee to wake up the morning mojo, immersed in light music for comfortable and leisurely vacation vibes. Suitable for family and children outings, travel with friends, and satisfy your desire for a home away from home out in nature.

  • Size: 63㎡, including 40㎡ outdoor and 23㎡ indoor
  • Bed type: 1 double bed and 2 twin beds
  • 定價: NT$ 27,600+10%

* Caravan experience check-in and check-out is from 15:00 pm to 11:00 am on the following day *